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Our Ministries

Child Evangelism Fellowship reaches children with the following ministries.

J-You Connection, is a place for middle-schoolers to learn the truth about things that really matter and that are everlasting. They will learn more about Jesus Christ and His awesome Father in Heaven, participate in activities that will feed their faith. Build genuine friendships, enjoy meaningful music and more!


In June all across the USA thousands of young people are trained to conduct 5-Day Clubs. Throughout the summer they have many opportunities to present the Gospel to boys and girls, experiencing the joy of leading others to the Lord.


The Good News Clubs® take place in neighborhood settings such as homes, schools and community centers all over the world and are designed to bring the Gospel of Christ to children on their level in their environment.


How are you spending your summer? High school and college age students from around your state are coming together to reach the boys and girls of your community – and YOU can be a part of this team!

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