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Your church serves as the moral beacon in the local community. How do you reach and affect your community? Extending the ministry of your church into the local schools is a natural and fruit bearing opportunity to change lives. What better way to let the light of Christ shine and illuminate your community than through your schools. Being able to show the love of Jesus Christ to the children is a great way to stimulate your church into a new season of outreach. CEF provides the training, materials and opportunity to help your congregation shine out the pew and into the streets. Will you consider adopting a school in your community?


85% of those who have received Christ did so before their 14th birthday.

Nearly 70% of children in our community do NOT attend church on a regular basis.

There are more than 645,000 children in CT.

Over 475,000 do not attend church regularly.

1 out of every 17 girls under the age of 16 will give birth to a child this year (not counting abortions).

1 in every 16 high school seniors will be under the influence of alcohol this week.

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