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School Officials

You are a vital part of bringing up our communities' children. Thank you for what you do. We are here to assist you and the children's parents with loving moral character development. Let's get started with a in your school today!

Church Leaders

Extending the ministry of your church into the local schools is a natural and fruit bearing opportunity to change lives. What better way to let the light of Christ shine and illuminate your community than through your schools.

Club Volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of reaching the children in every community. Growing a relationship with children to help them see what a life with Jesus at the center looks like, and how to receive Jesus themselves.


Child Evangelism Fellowship of Connecticut is committed to reaching all of the children of Connecticut with Jesus' message of hope, forgiveness and strength to resist the trials and temptations that face us all.

By establishing their relationship with God, discipling them in His Word and establishing them into a Bible teaching church, we strive to magnify their lives by helping them become mature in their faith.

Your generosity makes this ministry possible!

All donor support is treated as a sacred trust, and we hold ourselves accountable to you and God for using the funds you have entrusted to us to fulfill our mission of bringing children closer to Christ.


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